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Scotland's and Dunfermline's early history

Scota from Egypt
The Celtic Church Chronologies
Who were the Culdees
Culdees by John Jamieson
The Succession in the Kingdom of Strathclyde
Clans, Septs and Regiments

Royal Dunfermline

Malcolm Canmore
Malcolm III Canmore (Pictorial History of Scotland)
The Life of St. Margaret
St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland: family history & links with Europe
Queen and Saint Margaret
St. Margaret's Shrine - by James Moir Webster
Saint Margaret's Cave
St. Margaret's Stone

St. Margaret's Well
The Margaret Books
Dunfermline-born Princes & Princesses
Place of Pilgrimage
Genealogy of Bondsmen
St. Catherine's Almshouse

St. Leonard's Leper Hospital

The Abbey

Abbey Old Church
Dunfermline Abbey Church - Time Line
List of Abbots of Dunfermline
Dunfermline Abbey by John Marshall
Dunfermline Abbey: A Brief Guide
Churches and Chapels
Literary Treasures of Dunfermline Abbey
Royal Abbey Sermon
Dunfermline Abbey Chart
A Unique Monastic Charter
Scottish Benedictine Houses

Monastic Libraries
Early Masons and Carpenters
Monastery Dunfermline
Sang School
Robert Pitcairn
Abbot House
Interesting Discovery in Abbey Churchyard
The Stranger's Companion amid the Antiquities of Dunfermline
Dunfermline Palace
Refectory and Royal Palace R.R. Anderson
Monastic and Baronial Remains
Dunfermline Abbey Historical Haunts
Gleanings of the Monastery, Fratery and Refectory of Dunfermline Abbey

Dunfermline Royal Sepulture

A Tract by J. G. Dalyell
Article on Royal Tombs
Chronological Table of Kings
List of Royals buried in Dunfermline Abbey
Royal Burials Chart
Suggest Memorial Decoration
Museum Shroud Old

Medieval Scotland

Medieval Scotland - for Teachers/Parents of Children
Sir William Wallace
Wallace's Well, Pittencrieff Glen
The Wallace Hawthorn Tree
Robert the Bruce
Robert the Bruce Tomb Report
Robert Bruce's March to Bannockburn

The Heart of Bruce Melrose
Anne of Denmark
The Poor of Scotland & Dunfermline

City of Dunfermline

Dunfermline as an Early Burgh
Lands of Dunfermline
Town Clerks
The Lands of Baldridge
An Epitome of the History of Dunfermline
History of the Streets of Dunfermline (Alphabetical)
The Stranger's Companion amid the Antiquities of Dunfermline
The Journal Guide to Dunfermline

Notes on the Burgh of Dunfermline
The Jacobites - Dunfermline
Pittencrieff History
Pittencrieff Walkway
Halloween and Hogmanay
Dunfermline's Petition To The Deil

Leaflets and Poems

Abbot House Ghosts
Dumfarlin Toon for Ever
Dunfermline's Petition To The Deil
Dunfermline Golf
Dunfermline Abbey Winter
The Ruins (Poem)
The History of Dunfermline
The Auld Kirk Bells

Old Dunfermline
Midge's Ghost
The Bogeyman
Poems for Andrew
Pittencrieff Glen Poem
My Ain Countrie
Robert Bruce's March to Bannockburn
The Heart of Bruce Melrose

Scottish Folk-Lore

Scottish Pork Taboo
Other Scottish Taboos - The Hare
Giant Lore of Scotland
Sacred Rocks and Stones Folk-Lore
Scottish Folk-lore
Ancient Goddess Forms
The Thistle

Heather Ale
1841 Census
Bell the Cat

Genealogies of local families

Fife Pitcairns
Halketts of Pitfirrane
Forbes Family of Culloden, Inverness
Alfred the Great
Pedigree of Stewarts Rosyth
Dunfermline Abbey Chart