Find free resources about Dunfermline's history, available as PDF booklets for download below - simply click the "download" button to view or save a copy of the file. Resources compiled by Pitcairn Publications.

Dunfermline as an early burgh

Dunfermline as an Early Burgh

Lands of Dunfermline

Lands of Dunfermline

Town Clerks

Town Clerks

Baldridge Lands

The Lands of Baldridge

Epitome of Dunfermline

An Epitome of the History of Dunfermline

History of the Streets

History of the Streets of Dunfermline (Alphabetical)


The Stranger's Companion amid the Antiquities of Dunfermline

The Journal Guide

The Journal Guide to Dunfermline

Notes on the Burgh of Dunfermline

Notes on the Burgh of Dunfermline


The Jacobites - Dunfermline

Malcolm's Tower

The Tower Hill, King Malcolm III

Pittencrieff Glen walk

Pittencrieff Glen Walk

Pitfirrane map

Pitfirrane Map

Pittencrieff History

Pittencrieff History

Pittencrieff WALKWAY

Pittencrieff Walkway

Early Illustrations

Early Illustrations of Dunfermline

Handsel and Auld Handsel Monday

Halloween and Hogmanay

The Deil

Dunfermline's Petition To The Deil